GINGER CLEANSE KOMBUCHA // Organic Ginger, Lemon Zest, Cayenne Powder

Familiar as a spice and flavoring, ginger is also widely revered for its medicinal abilities. Its warming and anti-inflammatory properties offer particular relief from nausea. We hand-chop our ginger and blend it with a touch of lemon and cayenne to kick up the warmth a notch. After taking that first sip, you’ll find yourself craving our ginger kombucha, so it’s offered year round and sold in cans.

Distribution: ME, MA

Root Wild Blueberry Boost Kombucha

BLUEBERRY BOOST KOMBUCHA // Wild Maine Blueberries, Lemon Thyme, Echinacea Root

Perhaps the biggest rival lobster has, blueberries are an iconic symbol of Maine, where 44,000 acres of wild blueberries thrive along the coast. Despite their distinct tiny size, these hardy little berries pack a memorable punch, with their perfect sweetness and powerful dose of antioxidants. If you try to eat a blueberry before it’s ripe, beware – it will create quite a pucker! Fortunately, our blueberry kombucha, balanced with lemon thyme and immune boosting echinacea,  is consistently delicious year round.

Distribution: ME, MA

VANILLA ROOIBOS GROUNDED // Rooibos Tea, White Oak, Ashwaganda Root

After you impress your friends by effortlessly pronouncing rooibos (roibäs), you can also inform them that this South African tea is loaded with antioxidants. Next, you might casually mention the seemingly endless benefits of ashwagandha, the anxiety fighting adaptogen that alleviates stress and promotes rest. Rounded out with mellow vanilla and smoky toasted oak chips, the grounding effect of our vanilla rooibos kombucha is perfect to share with friends (that is, if you manage to save any).

Distribution: ME, MA

Root Wild Mint Refresh Kombucha

MINT REFRESH // Nettle, Guayasa

Guayusa tea, which hails from the Amazon rainforest, provides clean energy without an unexpected drop or jitters. Our mint kombucha kicks up guayusa tea a notch by blending it with the invigorating flavors of spearmint and peppermint. We round out this stimulating blend with cleansing, nutrient-dense nettle. Mint kombucha is the ideal pick-me-up whenever you need something refreshing, whether you’re starting your day at the office or midway through a hike!

Distribution: ME, MA


Ahh, grapefruit. So unassuming and modest, but the most popular in the group nonetheless. Let us count the ways we love you… You never fail to amaze with your incredible blend of citrusy mosaic hops and hibiscus, which lends itself to your rosy glow. You may be a bit tart, but always the right amount. How is it that you manage to win over even the most apprehensive of booch samplers? We may never know your secrets, but that’s okay (as long as you’re always on draft and in cans).

Distribution: ME, MA